Add player names to map board?

Sorry in advance as I’ve only used Vassal a few times before.

I’m trying to build a module for Secret Hitler. I have regions on the map board for each player that may join the game with them all labeled 1-10. I would like to have the players names either auto-fill or have a token that could be placed above each section that dictates the logged-in name of each player.

Here is the current board that I am using.

It’s a game that supports 5-10 players so if there’s another solution that could work a little better than just having to use 10 sections that would be really appreciated as well. Thank you.

I decided to make a deck in each player’s hand with a card that is Text Label “$playerName$ - #” which seems to do well for now. I’ve yet to test it with multiple people though so we will see how that goes.

Nevermind, that didn’t quite work. Tested it online and everyone just sees their own names on all of the markers. Any help would be appreciated.

I think I have it fixed though I haven’t tried it with other users just yet. Decided to use the information found here:


I’ll update as soon as I figure out if it’s working or not.

Seems to be working fine with two people in a game. Should be fine from here on out. Sorry for the bother.

Mods feel free to mark this as Solved.