Adding a Card to a Scenario

Ok, I finished my module and setup the 9 game scenarios then realized I missed one card from the deck.

I added the card and placed it in “Player Hand” and it works perfectly if you’re starting a blank setup. However, once I load a scenario, I can’t see the new card.

Tried everything I can think of including creating a new “player hand” and adding the card there. As long as I loaded a scenario, I simply don’t see any of the changes I make to the cards until I close the game and start a blank scenraio.

Any ideas?

A saved game is a snapshot of the game state at the time it was created. That includes traits on the pieces, cards in a deck, and pieces in at-start stacks. If you later go back and revise any of these things (like add a card to a deck, or add traits to a piece), the scenario will still show the state of the pieces at the time you saved it, and will not reflect your additions.

I’m not sure there’s any way to fix this without re-working all the scenarios…from scratch, unfortunately:(. Before re-working the scenarios, you could try using the Saved Game Updater, but I think that’s intended to update piece traits that are added after the game is saved. It may not work on your card issue.

Thanks for your reply.

I did use the Saved Game Updated and it worked well for all the changes I did on the unit traits, etc but not the cards. The player hand is still showing the extra card I added.

I would be a real bummer if I have to redo all scenarios from scratch :frowning: