Adding a card to player hand

I hope this is simple to do.

I added a button to my Player Hand labelled “Draw Card”. With this button I would like to be able to draw a card from Deck A into my hand (as per Combat Commander) by pressing on the button.
How do I go about doing this?

Assuming your Action Button has an Invoke Key Command of “DrawCard”

Add a marker trait
name: ButtonValue
Value : 1

Also add a Global Key Command
Description: Draws the card
Command Name: (no entry)
Keyboard Command: “DrawCard”
Global Key Command: “GotoButton1”
Matching Properties: DeckName = (name of your deck)
Within Deck, apply to: Fixed number of pieces 1

Now on each card in your deck (best done w/ a prototype) add a Send to Location trait
Description: Send card to Button 1
Keyboard Command: “GotoButton1”
Destination : Another counter, selected by properties
Property Match: ButtonValue = 1
all other fields in this trait should be blank

All there is to it - this will place a card on top of your button when pressed. If you have multiple buttons like the CC mod, the button value would be different for each button as would the global key command (gotobutton2, 3, 4 etc…) and you would add a STL trait for each button to your cards (why best to use prototype) matching the button value