Adding a deck in M2e module

Hello. I am a Malifaux player and I use the M2e module. With somme buddies, we want to try a 4 players game by Vassal. So I edited the module.

I have successefully add the possibility for a player 3 and a 4th to connect as well as having a private sideboard. However, when I tried to add their decks by the copy/paste method plus changing everything refering to player number by another, it doesn’t work. The strange thing being that no deck appear in the window dedicated to it.
When I tried to create an all new window containning a deck, I deiscovered that I can’t make appear any deck anywhere in the module.

I have created a new module to test my method, and in it, it works.

Does anyone tried this before or have an idea ? Is it possible that the module bug, because it have been created somme years back ?
Thanks in advance.