Adding a HTML help file

When adding this file to a Module through the Editor. Sub - folders are not included. The Guide says;

“The contents of the folder will be copied into the module and expanded onto the user’s machine when the user selects the menu item. The folder can contain any number of sub-folders and can include image data, style sheets, etc.” This doesn’t happen.

I found a solution on the Forum here which involves placing the HTML file and any associated files in the same folder and obviously editing the HTML accordingly to point to the other files correctly. This solution works however this issue has been raised several times previously and I think it is because the Documentation states otherwise. Also, as an aside. when you select “All Files” in the Editor to point to the HTML, the files cannot be seen…


…I know it is not required for this to work but could it mean there is some compatability problem with Vassal and Windows? Anyway, just wondering if this is a Bug or should the Guide be changed accordingly?

Edition: Windows 11 Home
Version 23H2
OS build 22631.3447


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