Adding a Non-At Start Card to a Deck in Mid Game

Howdy Gents,

Been a while since I asked any questions, so I must be learning … or botching things without knowing it.

I’m designing a module that has an at start Command Deck with counters (cards) for each at start leader. As the turn progresses the players draw a leader from their own respective deck and activate that command for movement and combat.

As the game progresses, reinforcements become available with new leaders for each new corps that enters the game.

Q: How do I add the new Leaders to the Command Deck so they now become part of the random draw pile (Command Deck) of Leaders that can be activated?

Thanks Guys,

Wouldn’t that just be a Return to Deck trait?

Yes, that could work. How do I create a card that isn’t part of a card deck to begin with? There’s a place on the board where these counters are to be held until they are needed, but the combat units will Never be a card, while the leader command counter would be a card. How would I put a card where there isn’t a card deck?

There is no such thing as a ‘Card’. A ‘Card’ is just a piece that happens to have been created in a Deck Component… You can create any piece in the normal ways (At-Start Stack, Deck, Drag from palette), add the appropriate Mask trait to it and then it can be moved into Command Deck at the appropriate time.

Just put it in a (hidden) Game Piece Palette.

Or in an at-start-stack, or deck, somewhere offboard (=negative offsets).

Found an easier way to do it. Created the at start deck in total, including those cards that don’t begin on Turn 1. Then when creating the scenario save game files I simply pulled the cards out and set them aside. I created a Return to Deck Trait, as was suggested, and players can, at the appropriate time during the game, simply return the proper card to the deck. Turned out to be a simple method.

I’m within 8 hours of completing the Gradisca Module for Europa Simulazioni.