Adding cards to a deck when player number changes

This is probably a very easy fix, but I can’t process it without help.

My game is from 2 to 6 players. For every player more than 2, I want to add 1 (specific) card to one of the (specific) decks, and have it shuffle into the deck like a normal card. (I can have people shuffle the deck manually after setup). For 6 players, I want to add several (specific) cards to a different (specific) deck (and again have the cards shuffled into the deck as normal).

Currently, I have a “setup” button, which “allows” for players to set up a 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 player game, and each option gives (in pink text) a message specific to that number of players. But the game parameters aren’t yet changed to reflect the different starts.

I vaguely understand that a “Predefined setup” is just a saved game with certain conditions present, but starting and saving a game wouldn’t add to the amount of cards in the decks, so I don’t know if this is the correct path.

Please advise. Again, I think this is probably easy–I just have to set something to the correct property value, or trigger some condition when a property value is met, or something. My apologies if this topic has been covered in the forum before.

The easiest way I can see is to have each player click an initialization button of some kind. When they enter the game, they have to click that button for their player side.

Set up a Global Property for PlayerCount.

You can create a Prototype that can be used in all the initialization buttons.

Basically, when an initialization button is clicked, have a Trigger Action set off a Set Global Property to increment PlayerCount by 1. Then have the Trigger action send a command to several other Trigger Actions that will activate if PlayerCount = x with x being the number of players. You can then have each of those Trigger actions do what you need to do based on the PlayerCount.

As far as the shuffling of the decks, unless you have a specific need to manually shuffle the deck, you can set it to always shuffle and there won’t be any need to reshuffle. A deck that is set to always shuffle really isn’t shuffled at all …it just hands out a random card when a card is drawn. Manual shuffle will set a specific card order.

If you have trouble working this out, I’ll make a sample.