Adding Cards to Deck

I’m trying to add a card to an existing deck in a game module. There are currently 20 cards in the deck. I can “edit” the deck to add the additional card resulting in 21 cards being listed for the deck. I then save the module and exit. When I “open” the module there are only the 20 original cards in the deck.
Any help would be appreciated.

When you reopen the module after your changes, I have a strong suspicion you are loading a predefined setup. If that’s the case, you will have to use Tools → Refresh Counters (likely ticking the box to refresh decks as well) in order to see your changes reflected. After a successful refresh the predefined setup could be saved and reinserted into the module, overwriting the existing one.

One of the most crucial understandings of module editing is how saved games get “frozen in amber” with configurations as they existed at the moment of the save. If further editing occurs, you either make predefined setups again from scratch or use this refresh tool to get them to incorporate subsequent edits.

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Thanks for the tips…unfortunately refreshing the counters & decks didn’t work. Guess I’ll try and remake the predefined setups next.

Yes, building on what @JoelCFC25 said; unfortunately, Refresh Counters Decks option whilst it will apply changed Deck properties - even location coordinates - it does not add to, remove or move the contents. Cards on a Deck that is moved will become unstacked.

When updating PreDefined setups would involve a lot of work, I would consider a once-per-game Startup GKC that makes changes to the old setups - in this case, Place Marker using Card #21 with an initialisation Key Command that does a Return to Deck on the card.

Or move the card in the module temporarily to a Piece Palette so you only have to edit each scenario rather than write from scratch; in each scenario drag the new card to the deck and re-save. When done, edit the module again to move the card back to the deck so that new games will have it in.