Adding 'Dummy' Text to Right Click Menu

Due to various reasons I finally gave up giving users the option to delete a counter/game piece via the right click menu. I just defined the Delete command as a hotkey only - control+shift+D. This ‘system’ has been in use for several years.
However, is there a way to actually add a dummy entry to the right click menu? Something that simply states (for ex) ‘Use control+shift+D to delete’. This way would include a right click menu entry on what hotkey to use, but actually have no hotkey attached to it.
I’ve trolled through many of the search hits, but have not found what I’m looking for.

Try creating a Trigger Action with the Menu Command “Use control+shift+D to delete”, and the Named Key Command “ThisDoesAbsolutelyNothing” (or any bit of text that isn’t an actual command for something else). Leave the other fields (other than Description) blank. That should add a menu item that does nothing when clicked.

Or you could try adding a Sub-Menu with no sub-commands. Or, if the piece has a numeric Dynamic Property, add a Key Command with the above settings, and have it “increment numeric value” by 0. Or, do the same with Set Global Property and a numeric GP.

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Many, many thanks. Quite a few more options that I would never have thought of (which was 0 btw for me).
I just knew that there would be someone out there in the Vassal community that would have an answer.
At least now a search for ‘dummy right click menu’ will now find an answer.

Ended up using a trigger trait. Copy paste trait to where it was needed. Works great. Again thank you.

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