Adding Highlight to an existing Module

Can a command be added to a unit so that other units become highlighted when activated?

In The Devils Cauldron module, when a leader is highlighted and the option to show all units of that command is triggered, all units of that command are highlighted. Can anyone help in recreating this function in other modules?

This method comes to mind:

Global Key Command to select the unit pieces (assuming that there is some criteria you can specify to link the units to the lead unit); then on each targatted unit piece, a “Mark When Moved” trait executes to highlight the pieces.

Hi Yves,

In TDC, the Highlight is created as a separate Layer trait in the units and is activated by a Global Key Command in the Chit unit with a Matching expression of

{CurrentZone=~“Map.*|Artillery Park” && Formation=="$Formation$"&&Active_Level==“1”&&MayNotActivate_Active!=true}

The unit has to be in one of the zones set up on the Play Maps or Artillery parks
The unit has to have the same ‘Formation’ property as the Chit
The unit has to not be activated already
The unit has not been marked as not being allowed to activate.


Thank you both for steering me in the right direction.
I managed to create the highlight. However I am struggling creating expressions.
Will keep on trying.

The modules I am trying to modify are the ones from Clash of Arms BAR series. Notably Kolin and Prague.