Adding Sides after Deleting them?

I’m new to Vassal. I apologize if this is a dumb question.
I previously (perhaps stupidly) deleted the [Definition of Player Sides] node, thinking I wouldn’t need it and assuming that if I did need it later, I could add it back. Well, now I realize that I need it, but I can’t find a way to add it back. I’ve generally been reading through the Designer Guide here and even though there’s an entire section called “Sides” with a sub-section called “Adding Sides to the Module”, there seems to be no mention of a way to get the [Definition of Player Sides] node back after it has been deleted.
Is there any way to get it back?
Thanks in advance.

There is a way, but it’s cumbersome. You need to create a new, blank module and save it somewhere–it needn’t have anything in it, but you might want to define 1 or 2 player sides. Find this module, change its file extension from .vmod to .zip and open it. Extract the buildfile, and open this with the text editor of your choice. You’ll need to copy the snippet of XML that mentions player sides.

Do the same file extension renaming to your module, extract its buildfile, and compare the top parts to the buildfile from the blank dummy module. Paste in the portion you copied above, save the buildfile, and re-insert it into the zip archive for your actual module. Change its extension back to .vmod and check it in the Editor.

That is indeed cumbersome. Thanks for the help!