Adding traits to a counter when flipped?

I have a collection of counters that are randomly dealt face-down. Some of them are static locations, others are units that can move and activate once flipped. How do I define traits like “mark moved” to NOT show up when they are face-down, but DO show up when they are flipped face-up?

You’ll use the Restrict Commands trait. The property match expression for setting when a key command is hidden will vary depending on how you are implementing “flipping” (this could be Layer traits or Mask, I don’t know which you’re doing). Refer to the documentation of whichever method you’re employing to find the piece properties exposed by each (e.g., with Mask you’d be leveraging ObscuredToOthers as noted at the very bottom of its doc page).

Thanks, @JoelCFC25. I’m using a mask:

and created this Restrict Commands:

But it doesn’t appear to trigger.

Also, I realized that I use the on mouse-over stack viewer of the map and it shows the name of the masked pieces.

I’m making some progress. I have two prototypes for these units. The one prototype is for all of them which is the mask. The other one is specific to the units that can move. I realized that I had the restrict command on the second proto, so I moved it and now it behaves. However, this created a new problem. When I drag these units from a cup to the map, they get marked as moved. I normally use this trigger to override that feature:

However, the restrict commands won’t fire a Ctrl+M so when I drag them I see the moved icon.

Second issue is display mouse-over information. I use a marker (MarkerType) to specify a filter on which pieces show on mouse-over. How do I set a marker value based on another action? For example, on Ctrl+F, I want to flip the counter AND set MarkerType=Unit?

There is no “setting” a value of a property you define in a Marker trait. If a value needs to change during use a module, you need to use Dynamic Property, not Marker. Generally speaking, you can use the same keystroke in as many traits as you want, so if you want Ctrl+F to both do something in a Mask trait and in a Dynamic Property trait, you can set that keystroke in both places. If sequencing matters, Trigger is the solution.

@JoelCFC25 Yes, you beat me to it. I just saw that in the documentation and switched to dynamic. That works. Still don’t see how to have the unit NOT show moved when dragging to the map, though.

Also, and I don’t think it matters in this instance, but can you make a dynamic property flip-flop? For example, if I flip a counter, change it to X and if I flip it back change it to Y (I.e toggle between true and false).

I figured out my second question. It was a matter of evaluating the value. Here is what I used:
{(MarkerType==“Unit”) ? “NotUnit” : “Unit”}

A fast way to do this is make the DP numeric, min-max range of 0 (representing false) to 1 (representing true), tick the “Wrap” box, and increment the value by 1 on every keystroke you’re setting.

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