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I seem to recall some discussion some time ago about displaying the “Additional module info” 1 & 2 (AKA ModuleOther1 & ModuleOther2) fields from the module info window to players somewhere, but my search-fu has failed me, and I can’t find the conversation now.
Is there any way to display these fields to players, or are they only visible to module editors? (I ask because the Description field for Terraforming Mars has gotten ridiculously long, and I wanted to shorten it but provide more details in the 2 additional fields.)

Additional Module Info is displayed on the Help “About this module” screen.

To answer your actual question, the two fields are also available as the properties ModuleOther1 and ModuleOther2

Here’s how I get round the issue, for the Help… About [module] screen. I don’t use the ModuleInfo properties directly in my module, but you could adapt to do so, I’m sure:

The point of this is that About [module] displays text in the following format, beneath the game box image:
(Updated to reflect corrections/completion from @jrwatts below)

[ModuleName] module version [ModuleVersion] - [ModuleInfo1] - [ModuleInfo2]
Extension [Extension filename] version [Extension version]*
VASSAL engine version [VASSAL version]

*When extension present.

Fortunately, the About display supports HTML. So I found I could include line breaks and therefore put detail into [ModuleInfo2] whilst keeping the window display to a reasonable width.

Example of end result (box image truncated, no extension present):

In this example, the middle two lines are ModuleInfo2 which includes two HTML <br> tags, one of them at the start.


Hmm, that’s not what I’m getting. I see

[ModuleName] module version [ModuleVersion] - [ModuleOther1] - [ModuleOther2]
Extension [Extension filename] version [Extension version]    [this line only present if an extension is loaded]
VASSAL engine version [VASSAL version]

So, it doesn’t display the basic module description at all on that screen, which seems weird.

In any case, thanks for making me take a closer look at that window!

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Apologies - I was too hasty and mis-read my own work! I get exactly what you do and, yes, ModuleDescription is not used on the About screen.

I’ve corrected and updated my post above, with acknowledgement. This time I’ve included an example that shows the effect you can achieve by keeping ModuleInfo1 short and putting extra details into ModuleInfo2 with HTML line breaks.