Advanced Civ: new module for review

Before I put the module on the module page, would anyone care to have a look at it? I put it on my site at
I would be glad about any feedback. Note: The in-module help files are not up to date. Please use the _README and helpfiles enclosed in the ZIP; the helpfiles are also available at

Background: Since the existing module is incomplete and obviously no longer supported I decided to try my hand in making a new one. This is the result; it includes both the official Western expansion and the inofficial (Alea) Eastern expansion maps and peoples. Map graphics are completely new, and all graphic files except toolbar icons and some markers are now in SVG. I learned a lot about VASSAL when building the module and refreshed my memory about Advanced Civ, so regardless of the result it was a worthwhile occupation.

As I don’t know the rules, I don’t think my input re the module would be of any value, but I’d like to say that documentation for the module is absolutely amazing. Thank you–even though I won’t have a chance to play and, can I say, congratulations. That’s some piece of work.

Thank you! Well, a) I like writing documentations (I also translate boardgame rules) and b) my most frequent complaint about modules is insufficient documentation, to the point that the modules is pretty much worthless unless you like detective work. When I write software, often my first step is to write the user docs, as a replacement for a formal use case description.