Advise on face down cards

I am working on a module (Imperius) and ran into an issue:

  1. It is a card game where every player has a private hand that others can not see (that seems to work fine).
  2. Player can then play cards (all cards for all players came from the same deck) onto the main board. card play can be face up or face down.
  3. If face up there are no issues. If face own then once it is down ownership needs to be stripped (i…e once it is face down no one is allowed to peek at it. Anyone can un-mask it though depending on game state).
  4. Right now it seems once it is face down, the original owner can click on it and it will “peek”. Anyway I can disable that behavior?

Thanks in advance.

Milton Soong

The ability to do a Peek is possible when the Mask trait is configured with “Display style: Plain” (meaning, what does the card look like when masked). If you change to one of the other styles, the ability to Peek is removed. Play around with other settings to find something that will work for your use case. For example, you might try “Display style: Use Image” and put in a generic card back.

Many thanks, will try

Yes I tried t use the Use Image style and it worked perfect. Thanks!