Aligning moved marker


Currently on the new module I have created when I move a unit, the moved maker appears vertically across the middle of the unit. Is there a trick to making it appear vertically just to the side of the unit as I have seen in other modules? Is this a layer issue?

Thanks and Happy New Year.

If the marker is a layer trait, then you will have to change the markers graphic a bit. Let’s say your unit is a nice 1 inch square, and your marker is a small round… marker. If you add it as is as a layer, it will simply be at the center of the unit square.

To adjust this, you need to edit the markers image in a program that supports transparency. To have it just off to the side, make a new file the size of your unit. Then copy your marker graphic into this file, and move it anywhere in the space relative to where you want it on the unit, such as to the side. Make the rest of the image transparent, and save as is.

Then make this new image your layer trait image and your marker will be off to the side over the unit. Hope that helps.

Thank you for your reply and I believe your answer is the right one for a standard user made marker, but in my case I found an even easier answer. The Mark when Moved Marker has an alignment property which one can set to move the marker to where one wishes on the counter. I just copied the alignment setting numbers from another game with similar counters and it worked as desired.