Altering a marker - HTTR

I have made significant alterations to the Highway to the Reich module to make it faster to play and make it more historically accurate. I am repurposing two markers and wondered how do I alter them?

  1. Set up markers - wording becomes ‘German Objective’ and Allied Objective. I would like to be able to add a label so that it can be assigned to a particular unit.

  2. The used marker, allied and German - wording changes to ‘Pinned’

I would appreciate advice, I have no knowledge of editing Vassal whatsoever.

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You might want to look at the Text Label trait.

Also, as you are completely new to editing Vassal, I recommend investing some time in watching the Vassal 101 series on YouTube.

Thankyou. Sadly it is beyond me. I cant find where the files are stored that I want to alter