Alternative to Notes Windows?

From a different question I have already posed, “I plan on using the notes window for passing orders.” I am seeing now that there are a number of reasons I CAN’T use a Notes Window for this.

-I can’t add a Notes Window for each player, controlled by a player or a number of assigned players, like I can with Private Windows.
-I can’t choose a “note” to pass to another, specified player. They are either hidden or revealed to all.

So, these things are imperative to what I’m trying to do. Essentially, I want each player to have the ability to “send” notes (orders), to a specific player (Umpires, maybe two of them), without the other players seeing them. Then, at the Umpire’s discretion, the Umpire can send certain those orders or new orders to other specific players. Essentially, a Private Messaging System.

This also ties into what I’m trying to do with hidden pieces, as only at specific points are players, from the same side, able to “see” each other. and further, their units revealed to the enemy and vice versa, enabling combat.

Is there currently a way to create something like this “PM” system in the current build of the Vassal Engine? Is it maybe something to be done with a second program during gameplay?