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is their a way to set it so that u can rotate a large group of selected pieces (like a regiment or unit of musket men for example) as if they were one piece(the whole regiment “wheels” right or left) instead of each individual piece rotating individually?

What you’ll probably want to do is place a marker trait on all the pieces that you want to rotate (or place the Marker in a Prototype). Something like

PieceType = MusketMen

Then have a Rotate command on each piece that’s the same …like CTRL-R

When you want to have all the pieces rotate, you would have some trigger that would send a CTRL-R to all the MusketMen. The properties filter would look something like…

CurrentMap = Main Map && PieceType = MusketMen

Replace “Main Map” with the name of your main map window.

I think he would like to pivot multiple units around one front-croner.
Something like this →

o=pivot point

  • = units



i hope that you understand what i wanted to “paint” here

ya i was trying to figure out the pivot thing that’s what i wanted to do that way yo can wheel the unit around

Thus spake “rolinckfan”:

RFEs 2846221 and 2813699 cover pivoting. … tid=594234 … tid=594234

This will be added eventually, but isn’t planned for 3.2.


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