Another Snippet of Information - Color Usage in HTML

I am sure there are many Vassal developers that are already aware of this bit of information, but for that are not, read on.
The Vassal reference manual does include some information regarding the use of colors for html text. There is a reference to the use of HEX notation for defining a ‘style’.
The manual does not include information on another way to use HEX code to obtain the 16,777,216 available colors range for html. Examples are - FF0000 is red, D2691E is chocolate, 006400 is dark green.
Usage is pretty much as per the Message Format guide, but to change the font color use $ltfont color=FF0000> before the text you want to be that color. Next line uses the three colors mentioned above.

Well it works for the ‘Report Action Trait’. I wonder why not here?

<font color=#FF0000>

(easiest way to include the less-than-sign is to select the text as click on “pre-formatted text” i.e.

I’m on Mac, where the shortcut appears to be Cmd+E, as shown.

I think you need the hash prefix to specify hex color codes. The codes are readily looked up on the internet and I find GIMP useful to get a color-matched code. You can also use the more basic color names (red, green etc) but the fancy ones aren’t known (I presume) by the underlying java that Vassal is built on.

As for this forum, I can’t get it to output the colors specified in html either. It does do simple html like bold or italic, but that’s not much benefit as that’s easier done using the in-build formatting controls.

Indeed, but for the Report Action Trait I did not use the #. Happily accepted just ‘font color=FFFFFF’

FFFFFF is the code for white though. What was displayed in the report message ? If it was black text, that is the default you get when the html color is invalid/unsupported.

I just used FFFFFF as an example, not actually used.