any special requirements for sound files

have a MultiAction button which does 2 things

1st - plays a wav sound file
2nd - cause random text button action

Originally use dice rolling sound file that was in another module and
double action worked fine.
But when I swapped out the sound file with a new wav file of sword clashing the game gets trapped in some kind of loop and locks up.
The sound file keeps playing on top of itself

have to Ctl Alt delete to quit out.

Do sound files need to be in a specific type of format to work???

got sound working with wave file format
22 kHz, 8 bit, mono

Program is a bit fiddley in that a multi-action button can do 2 things such as
a Random Text button
followed by a sound playing Action button

but not the other way around

This is what I did if anyone was interested

Game Piece is “Catapult”
Global Hotkey Trait
Description = Attack with Catapult
Menu Text = Attack with Catapult
Key Command = f7
Global Hotkey = f7

Multi Action Button
Hotkey = f7 (same as gamepiece)
Actions = CatapultDice, CatapultSound

Random Text Button (using random text as my dice)
Name = CatapultDice
Button Text=
ToolTip Text=
Number of Dice = 1
Report Format = $Result$
Faces = Catapult Misses
Catapult Hits Wall Only
Catapult Hits Wall and Ground Units
(add duplicate faces to get odds you want for each event)

Action Sound Button
Name = CatapultSound
Play sound = check
File = Catapult wave