Applying Dice Modifiers

I am building a module for a game that requires modifiers applied to dice rolls.
Is there a built-in method for achieving this in Vassal or is there some way I can let players access the modifiers from within the module, say as a menu item, and apply them using mental arithmetic?

Unfortunately the help for the Dice button isn’t in the wiki so I can’t link it, but add a dice button to your module and the help is available right in the Editor. You can either set up a number of pre-configured buttons rolling the correct number of dice (with correct number of sides) and modifiers “hard-wired” in, but if the range of possibilities in your game is too vast, you can tick a box on a dice button to allow players to enter their own values for number of sides, number of dice, modifier per die, overall modifier. Then you can configure the reporting format to ensure all chosen values get reported out to the log for verifiability. I’d recommend experimenting with this feature.

Thanks again, Joel. What you’re suggesting sounds like it might work for me - allowing players to enter their own modifier values sounds just what I need. Experiments will commence forthwith :slight_smile:

It worked a treat - thanks a lot.