Are random maps possible?

I’m not making a module, but I was wondering whether it is possible to make random maps.
For example, there are a quite a number of board games that use map segments that can be arranged and put together differently for every game. Racing games are a good example, such as Snowtails that allows the “track” to be laid out differently from game to game, Powerboats that has a similar feature, as well as Black Gold. All of these games have several map segments that can be put together differently for every game that is played.
Is it possible to do this with Vassal?

Yes, but it wouldn’t be easy (Carcassonne is a similar idea, so it’s certainly possible). The recently-added Mats-and-cargo feature will probably make it easier, however.

Yes, I forgot about the myriad of tile-laying games, although those are different because the tiles are typically laid down as the game progresses, so they act more like playing pieces, whereas I was thinking about games where a complete map is put together from various segments before the start of the game.
Well, okay, whatever, I didn’t think it would be easy.
Might be a good feature for version 4.x.x, especially if the map/track layouts could be randomized.

I’ve done it, and I don’t think it’s that hard. It’s a matter of placing large map pieces on the bottom layer of a map. I used the idea in a personal vmod of Gaia Project that I made. Before the game begins, a map is randomly created from large hex pieces. I also used it to create race/faction player boards in player windows. You press a button to cycle through different faction backgrounds. The faction boards are in a layer trait of a very large faction piece.

Given that Vassal comes from VASL(virtual ASL) which does use maps that way I am sure it is possible. Look at the Panzerblitz module perhaps as it is a simpler game that also uses map segments put together differently for different scenarios.