Area of Effect disappears as map shifts

I really like the AoE function. Really good when seeing how far an aircraft can move hex wise. But, there always a but, when one scrolls to the left or right such that the map the counter is on becomes the lesser, the AoE disappears.
To try and illustrate with words.
Say I have 3 maps aligned in column format. Each are 60 hexes wide. A counter in the middle of map 2, with an AoE of 40 will correctly display where it can get to across all 3 maps. Scrolling left or right within that AoE display shows me my potential target hexes on the other maps. But if I have to scroll left/right so that center map is no longer the main map in view the AoE goes away. So I scroll back and note where that counter can get to this turn.
Be really nice if the AoE display persisted regardless of what map is the main (percentage wise) focus.

Keep at it Brent, you will nail 3.7, of this I have no doubt.

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Is the counter generating the AoE being scrolled off the edge of the screen?

Standard AoE are drawn by their owning counter and counters that are not on the screen are not drawn.

One thing you could try is using a Map Shader to generate the Aoe shadow rather that each counter generating their own. Map Shaders are created and displayed at the Map level, regardless of where the counters are that generate them. Looking at the code, this should help. You would need to create a Map Shader on the Map. then tick then ‘Use Map Shading’ box in the AoE, then select the Map Shader you created.

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Well done Brent. I never even knew about the Map Shader. Works a treat and doesn’t ‘turn off’ like AoE does when, as you rightly point out, the counter generating the AoE scrolls off the edge of the screen.

Appreciate it is off topic, but the zoom function appears to have changed a little. I’m know that when zooming in/out in the past the map focus did not change. As in zooming occurred on the screen mid point currently being viewed. Now when zooming, the screen focus shifts to the top left corner.

Interestingly, this occurs with 3.7 Beta 4, but not 3.6.19 (I used the same module version for this test, said module not being ‘converted’ to 3.7).

Also occurs with those modules converted to 3.7 Beta.

Back to the AoE and using the Map Shader. My WiF modules also make use of ancillary maps. These are not part of the World Maps. Players can use these in lieu of using the selection from World Maps. The Map Shader does need to be within each of these ancillary maps and they also need to have the same name for the Map Shader, otherwise Map Shading does not work. This leads to an error pop up when saving the module - multiple instances of Map Shader with the same name. I just clicked on ignore and hope that this will not cause a problem later on. Fingers crossed.

That should be OK. Map Shaders don’t exist outside of a Map, so I think that error message is being a bit over-protective. I’ll have a look at removing that and just reporting duplicates within the one Map.

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How about refocusing to the top left when using the zoom?
Any suggestion how to take care of that little problem?

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When did this problem start?

Not that sure about that. Did not exist with 3.6.19 but does exist with 3.7 Beta 4. So your guess would probably be a way load better than what I can make up. :slight_smile:

The 3.7 beta releases are all available for narrowing down when the problem began:

Thanks Joel, I was going to do just that. But thanks for the links. Saves me time trying to backtrack. Only Beta 3 and 4 available there. Should I track down the 1 and 2 versions?

I would also like to get this file:

But I cannot do so. Yes the last ‘master’ before that board building mod.

Scroll down further. Every version released from 3.2.17 onward is there.

Beta 3 still ‘jumps’ to the left top, but not as far (as in not to the extreme top left)

Yes, I stopped scrolling when I hit 3.6.19.

As a matter of interest, it would be really great if I, and probably others, did not keep getting notices re the viability or otherwise of Vassal software downloads. Is there something that Vassal needs to do with usoft to get rid of this?

Beta 1 also. Thus something between 3.6.19 and Beta 1. Afraid now up to you guys now.

Meanwhile back to Map Shading. Attached pic shows what I found to work. Note that the shading always on needs to be selected. 25% opacity is about what the AoE Trait shows. Colour is own choice.


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The zoom centering bug will be fixed in 3.7.0-beta5.


Beta 5 fixed the zoom problem.

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OK, Latest module versions used the map shading. Problems. Select 1 unit apply AOE display hotkey, nothing, select 2 unit apply AOE hotkey, nothing. Do other stuff, press hot key numerous times nothing. I get random AOE activations that appear for multiple units. Change back to shading off and a colour at 20%, all works as expected. When I said looks good and works great, I was testing with 1 unit on a map. Map shading seems to fail when more than one unit on a map has that AOE ability. Thus, reverted to the non ‘map shading’ AOE. It works, the other doesn’t.

We’d need to see a minimal test case to troubleshoot this.