Area Of Effect Piece Properties?

Can someone please tell me what an AOE property is named for use in an expression? I’m looking to test whether “on” or “off”.

Edit: I think this is not possible, given that the AOE trait has no “name”.
Edit: Also, looking through the code in the AOE class, I don’t see any of the string segments that seem to assemble into accessible piece properties in other classes.

This is actually trivial. Suppose you have an AOE that toggles on and off with ^A. Define a dynamic property called “aoe_enabled.” Numeric, min = 0, max = 1, wrap enabled. It has one command; ^A increments it by 1. Done.

Hey, thanks. That’s clever. So, you basically create a proxy with the same “command” so it always follows the state of the primary trait…and test the proxy. I’ll remember that one.