Area of Effect

I would like to create a 3 hex AOE but don’t seem to be able to figure out how to do it. Anyone know how to do this?

Worked this out.

OK no I did not work it out satisfactorily, there are stacking issues with layers and issues with masking as well. so any help would be nice.

The Area of Effect piece trait can’t make an AoE that comprises 3 hexes, because it supports AoEs with integer radii counted from a hex center, and you can’t make a 3-hex AoE with an integer radius centered at a hex center: Radius 1 is a 1-hex AoE, radius 2 is a 7-hex AoE, there are no integers between 1 and 2.

If you want to mark the three hexes sharing a vertex, you could do that with a marker.

I understand how AOE works in Vassal.
I do not understand how to create a marker with an offset shaded area, Sharing a vertex?
perhaps you can point me to a game or someone that has worked on these before might have a mod that has one in it and I can examine it and make what I need for Longest Day that way, everyone seems to be so closed mouthed about this and I just want to make the game a little more convenient for anyone to use.
Also, with the changes in 3.6.0 I have assumed I will need to rebuild the entire module considering the depreciated code notification I received when I tried to open TLD with 3.6.0.
Last, I can not figure out how to upload a new mod version, the upload file has disapeared when I am on the TLD webpage, I can edit but I see no upload file selection anyplace.
Thanks for your time.

That message concerns only Java Custom Code not the entire module. I don’t know the details but if someone else put the Custom Class(es) into the module, you should try that person first. Failing that, perhaps someone with the skills on here will help.

Two ways I know of,
i) To offset the image of the piece itself, create the image outside of Vassal, offset how you want it on a transparent canvas.

ii) Use the Layer trait to either superimpose the image on a piece or the to be the piece image itself (by leaving the BasicName trait’s image null. The Layer trait includes ability to switch the image on or off and - to your question - with an Offset.
For example, “firing arcs” in the Flying Colors module are displayed using these types of Layer trait. Here is the one for a single hex counter, port side from the Frigate firing & fire overlays prototype:

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Yes, it is a bit stealthy that one. First go to any wiki page, e.g. a module page. Make sure that you are logged in to the Wiki. You can check this by clicking on the person icon, top right:

Now at the bottom left of the page, click on Tools to find Upload File in the menu:

It’s difficult to help such a broad request. It seems like you were struggling with some basic concepts, as I was once, and still catch me out sometimes.

The two or three that I’m thinking of are:
i) Game Piece Layers - pieces must be in the same Game Piece Layer on a map in order to stack together. Make sure that the pieces that you want to stack all have the same value for whatever property is specified in “Property name for layer” in this component on the map(s):

ii) Sticking with Game Piece Layers, the Layer order will influence how pieces overlay on each other.

iii) If you are using more than one Layer trait (not to be confused with Game Piece Layers) or Text Label trait on a piece, then the order that these traits are listed in will affect how they overlay each other.

There is a Help button on every editor component that usually leads to the information you need for the component. Sometimes you need to search the page to find the place you need.

For more chance of relevant help, try to give more specifics and include, where helpful, an image or link to a module (shared from dropbox, google drive or whatever).

Thank you for taking a crack at the zoc issue, I will try to explain.
I have strongpoint markers for the coastal areas which exert zoc into the top three hexes of the counter. These need to rotate with the counter, which is a trait order thing I know that. now I do not know how to create a marker in inkscape or Gimp that will offset the shaded areas from the main hex. Maybe I just can not get my head around it and lack of skill in either image building program.
All I have been able to create is large oversized images which are creating stacking issues and weird offset conditions, which are unacceptable. Are there any games that currently have these types of markers or layers that I can snatch that?

the Longest day module page should have the latest module available later today.
We are holding at vassal version 3.5.3 Java version 11 for me others are higher or lower but are all running above 9.
Any assistance would be appreciated. The module has come a long way from Joels creation in '09. and I/we would like to finalize a version 1.0 soon.

I don’t think there is any good reason to not to update from v3.5.3 to v3.5.8. Many bugs were fixed and 3.5.8 has been in use for months. If you and your players are running on PC or Mac, Java is bundled, so any version you have installed standalone is irrelevant. Not so for Linux but I guess anyone running that knows what they need to do.

What you would need to investigate (speaking of Gimp, as I hardly know Inkscape), is creating an over-sized Image Canvas that allows you to centre the shaded area piece on your main piece. The gap between the shaded part and the centre would be transparent.

I suspect a Layer trait on the main piece would be better suited to what you need and a lot easier to coordinate. It might ease the graphics work too. I imagine it can be made to work with one layer, as this is what Flying Colors manages to do with the firing arcs that I mentioned. I suggest that you take a look at the Flying Colors Firing Arcs and try to work out something equivalent for yours. If your main piece is only ever one hex in size, then the Frigate firing arc is the one to look at.

Maybe someone can suggest a close match. It just so happens I know Flying Colors from recent work. I didn’t design the Firing Arcs either, I just know that they work.

I run linux mint 18.3 and I am the maintainer along with Bill Thomson who uses mac and win 10 from WGA.
stacking issues showed up when 3.5.8 was involved.
I will move up to 3.6.1 when Joel gets to a stable place.

I am looking at F.C. right now.
I had a marker but it was so large is interfered with stacking, not stacking and some weird offset image issues.
All counters in TLD are 1 hex in size.
I will look at the frigate FA.

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Could you provide a small module demonstrating the issue ? Maybe its been fixed in 3.6 but if not I would like to get it reported.

or perhaps, try a one-off test under the latest 3.6beta (7) to see if the problem goes away. Just take care to do it on a throwaway copy of your module.

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What’s the earliest release with this problem?

What is the custom code referenced for? There was no custom code in the module the last time I worked on it.

BTW, Vassal 3.3 and later all require at least Java 11. Nobody can be using anything earlier than that.

It was a simple issue with stacking counters. instead of the normal distance and offset, the counters were literally stacked on top of each other, remember there is an offset and you can see the counter underneath. in this case you can not. and when you hover over the stack it does not show any counters like normal over the stack.
by reverting to 3.5.3 the issue seems to have completely disappeared.
We also have another “stacking” type issue with our hill markers. we created a small marker to place on hills, this way we set a show hills"they exert a normal 1 range zoc" button, that works fine no issues, but when the module loads a scenario or a save from a game in progress, some “not all” hill markers get created on top of a counter that is in the hex with them. the hills are non stacking and therefore are away from players fingers… if you know what I mean? But you cant grab the unit until we simply cntrl down arrow? the stack and the hill is forced back down to the bottom.
This module, will eventually be included in the war game academy as a competition module.


Sorry for delay, It was Bills custom refresher code for awhile ago, because if you remember the 3.2.17 and prior was not doing something Bill wanted it to do, I think Brent wrote it for him. it was mainly for ASL.
The new refresher in the 3.5.3 and higher works great, we are changing the Charts I have in the game to maps so the refresher can see the counters and properly report they were updated.
Thanks for replying and being interested, I believe we are not far from issuing a Version 1 For players, BTW we have a larger number of players on the TLD page then has been for a long time, people are interested!

In that case, if the custom refresher code is no longer needed, you can resolve the deprecation warning by removing that code from the module. There’s no need to rebuild the module for that.

I am aware of the java, painfully because I use Linux mint 18.3. and it is kinda a pain to install java now, so I have 1.8 and 1.11.
I was the one who queried you and you replied you were not going to build a linux version with Java in it. That made me sad, but I understand.
Thanks for all the work you guys are doing. Is this all going to end with a version 4 or is that still a separate build.