Assign new cards to owner side

Let’s say I have 4 sides - blue, green, yellow, red.
Each side has 3 cards in hand to start.
Each side has 3 card slots on the board, currently set as zones in a grid.
Each of the 3 cards for each side has Send to Locations set for each of their corresponding zones, so any of their cards can be sent to any of their zones. (Simultaneous action selection).

There are 2 extra copies of each card that can be acquired. How can I assign the Send to Location so that they still correspond with the player sides and won’t end up in the wrong zones and don’t have to assign the extra cards with 12 different Send to Location actions? Is it at all possible? The current zones are called Blue1, Green1, etc. I tried %PlayerSide%1, %PlayerSide%2…

Oh I think I figured it out. I think it is working okay when I use $PlayerSide$ instead. Funny how the right symbol makes a big difference. :stuck_out_tongue: