Assigning pieces to an ally player

I am trying to set a module where there are several player sides. At times one player will wish to “yield” control of pieces to another (allied) player. When the player yields pieces they completely loose control of those pieces unless the ally returns control back to the player. The player sides functionality doesn’t appear to anything beyond defining a player side, and what I want to do is allow a player side to hand control to some pieces to another player. Is there a way of setting this up? Thanks in advance.

You might need to expand on what “control” means in your context.

Meanwhile, one idea… Restrict Command(s) based on PlayerSide and a Dynamic Property on the Piece that stores the current owning side. When a Player relinquishes control, the Dynamic Proprty gets updated with the new owning PlayerSide.

“Control” really just means whatever limitations apply to units that are assigned to a player side - so if Red player is selected at the start of the game, Red player gets what ever control the module assigns to them. When Blue player assigns pieces to Red player, they are simply pieces that would be available to Red player as though they were always with Red and whatever module constraints assigned to Red player now also apply to these new pieces. But, I like the idea of the Dynamic Property. I’ll give that a go. Thanks!