At Start Stack Help

I would appreciate if someone could give me some help with the following…

I have several at-start-stacks. They leverage existing defined prototypes. These units can have multiple layer images (e.g. 1-2-3-4). They are defined with a start value of “1” in the prototype layer.

I have several cases where the at-start-stack needs to start at a higher value (e.g., “4”).

In the at start stack definition (single unit) what can I do to change the layer level?

CTR-I is pre-defined to increase the layer level.

I thought I could use “Trigger Action” leaving all the inputs empty to auto-trigger, but that doesn’t work. I tried entering (1==1) and {(1==1)} under Trigger when Properties match… Since this didn’t work, I’m wondering if this is actually a trigger condition by itself OR an additional filter applied after an inbound key commands.

Any suggestions?

In a new game (as opposed to a scenario), all newly created pieces in a Stack will be initialised as per their definition. If you have defined the Layer in a Prototype, then all new counters (including those in at-start stacks) will be initialised with the single definition as per the prototype. The starting layer is part of the prototype. This is a fundamental aspect of how new counters are created. How can different counters be created from the same prototype?

If you want to define different starting layers for different counters, then you need to take the Layer trait out of the Prototype and place it in the counters themselves.

Prototypes define traits (and stating conditions) that different counters share EXACTLY. The moment you decided you needed different starting layers, they are no longer the same and cannot use the same prototypes.

If, say, you have 3 layers and you want different counters to start with one of those 3 then you will need 3 prototypes instead of 1, one for each starting layer.


If your layer is defined to follow an expression, you could move the value for the layer to a Dynamic Property, placing that in each individual piece above the prototype (with the appropriate starting value). At least, I think that should work.

Alternatively, you could use a Startup Global Key Command to fire your Trigger Action that sends Ctrl-I the appropriate number of times. The caveat here is that Startup GKCs will trigger every time the module is loaded, so if the game is likely to be played PBEM or to be saved and reloaded, you need to make sure it doesn’t trigger more than the initial time.

Good suggestion.