"At start stack" vs "Does not stack"

I want to use terrain pieces that can’t be moved, so I am using the method described in the FAQ: How do I implement Un-moveable terrain pieces that I can interact with?

However, whenever I move another piece onto a terrain hex, the terrain piece is always drawn on top, despite having a “Does not stack” trait set to “never” move and “never” select. The terrain piece is indeed not selectable, so I know the trait is working. Yet, once I move another piece onto a hex with a terrain piece, it’s “trapped” under the terrain piece. I am using snap to grid, and the “At start stack” is using grid coordinates, if that makes any difference.

This seems to contradict the answer of this FAQ: Is there a setting to make a piece always be at the top of any stack? which says,

I’m confused by the documentation and/or behavior. Is it a bug?

Stacking levels is also affected by Game Piece Layers. Have you set up any Game Piece Layers on this map?


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Indeed. Once I defined my extension’s terrain pieces with the “Terrain” layer property of the main module, it all works wonderfully now. Thanks!