Auto Reporting and Global Property change at Piece creation?

New to the forum (and module creation) and have jumped in head first!
Hoping I can find help for a problem that I am running into with the module I am working on.

The end goal is this:

  • When a piece is created (selected from the Piece Palette and brought onto the board)
  • Auto reporting will say the following
    • $pieceName$ has joined the game! Influence pool for $PlayerSide$ increased by $?$!
      - I have this written in the Main Map properties for auto reporting when a piece is
      brought onto the board.
    • I would like the ? to be replaced by a Marker on the piece named influence, the value
      of which is a number that differs from piece to piece. So in effect it would read something
      along the lines of Ox has joined the game! Influence pool for Player 1 increased by 4!
    • I have tried $influence$ but it won’t display am I missing something?
  • I would also like a global counter (Player 1’s Influence Pool) to be incremented up by the value of the influence property on every piece that is brought onto the board, is this possible?

I would appreciate any help that you all might provide. I apologize if this is difficult to read I’m having a little bit of trouble expressing the problem and the desired result, if anyone needs clarification I will try again.

Yes, both are possible.

First of all, a marker won’t work for that. All markers do is mark the piece as being a specific type …for example, you can send a trigger to all pieces where AttackType = Tank or something like that.

Also, this probably won’t report properly from the map level if you’re trying to report a value on a piece.

What you need to do is go to the Map Properties. At the bottom you’ll see “Key command to apply to all units ending movement on this map”. Place a command there called something like - MapSwitch.

Set your player sides to something without a space in it. Spaces can be problematic at times. For example, if you currently have Player 1, Player 2, chance them to Player1, Player2, etc.

Create a Global Properties for the players. Something like:


Create a Prototype for your pieces with the following traits. Note that I’m listing traits here in the order of execution but traits operate from the bottom up so you’ll have to reverse the order in the prototype. I’m also assuming you’ll only want this to happen when the piece is placed on the map and not every time it’s moved.

Trigger Action
Trigger when properties match - PieceSet = 0
Menu command (blank)
Keyboard command = MapSwitch
Perform these keystrokes

Set Global Property
Global property name - $PlayerSide$Influence
Check “is numeric”
Click “New” key command and add the following
Menu command (blank)
Key command - IncreaseInfluence
Type - Increment numeric value
Increment by - $Influence$

Report Action
Report on these keystrokes - ReportPiece
Report format - $pieceName$ has joined the game! Influence pool for $PlayerSide$ increased by $Influence$!

Now add 2 dynamic property traits to each of the pieces

Dynamic Property
Initial value = 0
Create a key command so that it changes to 1 when it receives the command - SetPiece

This allows the piece to increase and report when it first appears on the map but once this is set to 1, it will stop doing that so you don’t have to worry about it increasing and reporting every time you move it.

Dynamic Property
Initial value = what ever you want the value to be.

What will happen here is the piece will hit the map. Since its PieceSet is set to 0, it will change the PieceSet to 1, increase the influence pool for the player that initiated the action, and report the results.