Average Dice Roll

I want to include the facility to roll a 6-sided die with faces reading 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5 (known in wargaming as Average Dice). Can this be done in a Vassal module?

Yes.look into the dice and symbolic dice component settings.

I still have my average dice from days of Bruce Quarries’ Napoleonic Wargaming rules.

Thanks Mark. I must be having a dimwit day - I have looked at the dice and symbolic dice component settings (indeed, I have used the latter for all the dice components in the game other than DAv. Unfortunately I can’t work out how to read the “6” face as a “4” and the “1” face as a “3”. If you could elaborate on your response (treat me as clueless) I would be most grateful.

The module I’m producing is a means of playing Napoleonic tactical miniatures games as if they were a board game but without having to produce a physical boardgame. If you’re interested, I’d be happy to let you have a copy when it’s done. I am thinking of marketing the concept as a PDF/module download if I can resolve this issue. I have the Bruce Quarrie rules but have never played them. My miniatures rules are based on my old club rule set (which I authored) and utilise action cards and a hexagon grid overlay to simplify movement and firing range.

You can find step by step guidance in the Reference Manual - try the Help Button from the Symbolic Die component.

I also wrote a small demo for you… here. (Hurry now while stocks last, this link will randomly go invalid at some point).

The key components are at the end, take a look and hopefully you will see how it’s done:



Great! I read the manual to ensure I had the concept right and added a routine to my module. It only took a little fiddling with the reporting and I got the result I was seeking. Thank you for your help & guidance.