Basic module template?

Hi there!

My friends and me are fiddling around with game mechanics, and being a Vassal user I thought that it would be perfect for our tests.

I’ve tried following up the “raj” building tutorial, but since our needs are extremely basic, I wanted to ask first if there’s a pre-made template we could use. I found a thread saying something about a “conflict” module for beginners, but couldn’t find it.

We don’t want to take advantage of another’s people hard work, and surely our programmer could dedicate the time to learn vassal editing and do it ourselves, but look at our needs first:

  • counters that can be flipped
  • Two deck of cards that can be randomly drawn.

Is there a vassal 101 premade module we can build upon to start right away with the mechanics without learning how to design modules first?

Thanks a lot.

I would suggest finding a module on this website that you like and that does the things you are desiring and “build” your module using that module as the “foundation” (It is a GREAT way of learning how to do vassal mechanics by seeing how someone else did it)

If it would help at all, here my vassal on Kriegspiel that has several of the mechanics you want (Ironically I used a vassal on the game Panzerblitz to set up the game boards)

The Conflict module can be found here:

Thanks everyone. Since this is just for our own personal use I thought I could do just that and edit any module without disturbing anyone, but I chose to ask first :slight_smile:

Now, if someone can recommend a card editor for standard CDG size, I’d be grateful and stop bothering.

I do all my cards using InkScape.