Batch card inputting?

Hey all,

I’ve been working on a tcg/board game with a friend, and we’ve recently gotten it ready for play. The problem is that there are over 500 images, and while I want the game to be playable online using VASSAL, I’m not sure that I want to manually input so many cards. There are no differences in how the cards should be handled, so I assume I can use a prototype of some sort to properly relay the properties to all the cards. It’s just a matter of actually creating all the cards as game pieces. Is there any way I can do this?

Thanks in advance.

The 3.2.0 beta version of Vassal has a new facility to create multiple cards or counters based on a template and a folder of images. When you right-click on a Deck, At-Start Stack or gamepiece palette component, you will get the addiotional option ‘Add multiple pieces’. Have a play with it.

If the cards are all the same except for image, then you should definitely place all of the common traits into one or more prototypes and use the prototypes to create the cards.


Ah, okay! I didn’t know that there was already a 3.2 beta. I’ll have to give that a go, thank you!