Beanshell support in Report fields

On the topic of the whole “beanshell support in report fields” thing, I’ve recently been working on a module where cards work a lot differently from how I’m used to them working in games I’ve worked on, so there has been a certain amount of head scratching about how to wrestle “decks” to do the things I want them to. And it has had me resorting to funky logic e.g. to allow me to add a Deck Global Key Command to draw but not let opposing players use it and not “misreport” when they try:

Feels like an ugly hack but it does work :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s another simpler example where it saves me an extra put-something-into-a-property step by letting me compute a numeric value on the fly:

Just thought I’d post these as examples of what you can do with this, since many users may not have even noticed this capability.



What version was this introduced? I’m hoping it wasn’t available until fairly recently because I kluged together solutions in 3.4 to work around that assumed limitation until I noticed the feature after upgrading from 3.4.13 to version 3.6.5…

Oh that definitely didn’t exist in 3.4. I can’t remember if it came in with 3.5 or 3.6 but I’m kind of thinking it was 3.6.

Before that you could use a CalculatedProperty to work around that, but obviously that was more cumbersome.

It’s this item, from 3.6.0-beta6:

9391: Beanshell can now access $$ variables in Report Formats

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Yup I kluged together a bunch of CPs. Much more troublesome was where to place a report in the traits list. Sometimes I wasted hours rearranging the location of reports or triggers so that it wouldn’t report an old or interim value. Now that you can evaluate an expression within the report, I can suppress all those spurious reports without playing the whack-a-mole report placement game…