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Hi guys : D

Ive been wanting to take a break from 3d for awhile, and my search for a cool 2D engine has dumped me here. Ive spent the last couple hours pouring over the site and the forums, trying to decide if Vassal is right for me.

Scripting is proboly my biggest weakness, but I can get it eventually if I work at it. My fields of expertese are things like 3ds max and Photoshop (which looks to be pretty helpful, I read one post saying 80% of the battle is fought in PS?)

I guess my biggest question at the moment is: How hard is it to have a “world” map and multiple, smaller “battle” maps? Say I make a large overworld map, that is, for example, played like Risk. If two factions met for a battle, would it be possible to take all the figures involved and transfer them to a more zoomed in, detailed area map? I want an overworld type system that focuses on building kingdoms and economies, but I’d like actual combat to take place on a much more…personal level? Obviously these would make for long games… but thats kind of what I’m looking for.

If I understand it correctly, Vassal tries to keep it as “board game” as possible, with much less scripts, and more player interaction, I.E. moving the pieces manually yourself. If this is the case, I could proboly just make all the maps seperately, and move the units ourselves?

thanks in advance!

On Jan 23, 2009, at 12:46 PM, SolidusPrime wrote:

Multiple maps are fairly easy to do.
So is movement to a battle map and return from one.

For an example of a module that does this, there is the Silent War
module from Compass games. It has key codes to move to a specialized
battle map, and various other key commands to return counters to
various pools and other units back to the strategic map:

Well, largely. Although there are various automation tools available,
especially things like move to location and return to location
features. That will allow you to do some automatic transfers.

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