Ben Smith's modules

Please post here if you need help with any of the following modules. They may be downloaded [color=red]HERE

[b]Afrika II (SCS)
Barbarossa - Kiev to Rostov
Bitter End
Breakout Normandy
Death in the Trenches
EuroFront II (Includes EastFront II & WestFront II)
Europe Engulfed
Fire in the East (Europa I) [color=red]new!
Great Battles of Alexander Deluxe + Tyrant
Gustav Adolf the Great
Iron Tide
La Bataille des Quatre Bras
Napoleon’s Triumph
Struggle For Europe (War Without Mercy, Brute Force, The Mediterranean)
Sweden Fights On
Tannenberg & Galicia (SPW)
The Great War in Europe Deluxe
The Legend Begins
Three Battles of Manassas (CWB)
The Seven Days of 1809
Under the Lily Banners
Western Desert (Europa VI)

Aspern-Essling (NBS)
Marengo (NBS)
Talavera & Vimeiro (NBS)

Case Blue (OCS)
Case Blue & GBII Combined (OCS)
Tunisia (OCS)

A Fearful Slaughter (RSS)
South Mountain (RSS)
This Hallowed Ground (RSS)
This Terrible Sound (RSS)



I downloaded

GBoA Deluxe + Tyrant mod.

You made a really great job, with high res maps & counters!

It worked withot difficulty.

Thanks again!


Thanks pomakli.

I’ve just added Sweden Fights On; The Musket & Pike games are excellent but not entirely suited to PBEM play. A friend and I have swapped 220 log files so far during a playing of Rocroi (UtLB) :slight_smile: But the French are nearly victorious! Maybe we need an AAR section here too.

It would be great to see Module AARs here.

Added “The Legend Begins” by Terran Games.

Added “EuroFront II” by Craig Besinque & Columbia Games.

Dear Ben,
great Job with the modules.

Is there any chance to see SFE (after you made War without Mercy) ?

Best Regards from Germany

Coming soon is Brute Force I hope, I picked it up the other day. I hope this series is good!

Dear ben,

great News.
I like the sreies, it’s rather simple but the system works.
We’ll play the campaign on a gaming convention next year and we would like to prepare with a 4 player VASSAL game.

BTW: I just read the announcement of VASSAL 3.1.0 beta.
I will try the ADC2 import functionality with Struggle for Europe.
I will post my results if you’re interested.

Best Regards from Germany

We need all the testing we can get!

  • M.

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Dear All,
I ztried to convert the 1939 campaign.
It seems to work first but when opening the converted module I got en error message.
I will post the details in 3.1 beat forum.

Best rergards


with Beta2 I was able to import the SFE module.

I did some minor changes (deleting the turn button, because the are markers and added shortcuts for 1D6 and 2D6).

I will try out the module in the next days.

best regards


It seems to me that the module for OCS Tunisia isn’t available on the site anymore? Am I looking in the wrong place?


On Jun 17, 2008, at 1:40 AM, rrcop wrote:

Hmmm. You’re right. The MediaFire page at the end of the link
doesn’t seem to have it.

And it doesn’t seem to be with the other OCS modules on The Gamers
archive either.

You might need to drop Ben Smith a note about this.

Messages mailing list …

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is your Monmouth module the old S&T mag game?

Added the Struggle for Europe series; Also added a module for Three Battles of Manassas.


It’s there in the OCS folder.

No, it’s part of GMT Game’s American Revolutionary War series.

Yep, the module is done and can be found at the download link. I apologise in advance for some of the counters. The counter-sheets in these games are badly misprinted!

You should provide documentation on how to load the loss charts, I finally figured it out but …

Very nice mod so far, but I do miss the Fired markers that Gary put in his CWB mods and the button that removes them all.

Thanks for the mod,



I cannot reproduce this; Could you please tell me exactly which piece it is and from which scenario?

It’s a limitation of Vassal I’m afraid, I’ve given each piece 12 facings. You’ll notice that if you keep rotating you can align to the hex-edges as well. (the shortcut keys are by far the quickest way).

Yes I should really add some documentation; Good point! I’m a little lazy , I really hate writing docs. :slight_smile:

My main goal is to get the games playable online; Anyone is welcome to make improvements and submit new versions of these modules. The main groundwork has been done like scanning maps, cropping, importing, naming counters etc. So hopefully someone will step forward and make these improvements. :slight_smile: