Best method for open player hands.

So without going into a huge amount of detail I ran into a snag working on my game. This may be because I have no one to test this with, so I am unsure if it’s already working. I have not yet tried testing myself with two machines, although I probably will start doing that soon.

My game has 2 main areas of focus for players. The tactical game board, a grid of hexes, and their own hand which contains info on their hero, items, etc. (Just a pile of tokens and cards) I want to have a main game board (I have this working nicely) and have each player have their own individual ‘hand’ (for tokens and cards) nothing in this ‘hand’ needs to be secretive, it merely functions as a area to group game play items.

Any suggestions?

Add a player hand window for each player. Make it visible to all players.

Ah, so I do need a individual player hand for each player.

Another question, even if my players are divided into teams, yet each player has their own color pawn / game piece. Should I make each player a side? I feel like this would help me later on.

So, does that mean I should also changed the game to have a ‘side’ for each player? Then assign the hands to these ‘sides’ even though there is two teams more or less.