block game hide/show help

Help needed in a block game with more than one player per side with getting the hide/showing of blocks working as i want

Only players of the same side can view blocks; this was working fine, then I changes some of the blocks attributes, moved them around and now only the owner can see the blocks once they are masked/hidden; the other player/s on the same side now see the hidden block not the face… I am thinking this is a attribute order issue but do not understand why

flipping blocks to the hidden side automatically when they are dragged from the force pool window to the main map… the key cmd ctrl-alt-shift-H is applied to units ending on the main map and there is a global-key-command to react to that key combo that sends the flip-shortcut to units with restriction of ObscuredToOthers=false… this works in the force pool window but not when i drag the units between windows ?

help, ideas please !


Regarding your second issue, you mean that if you drag a block from, say, a player window to the main map, it doesn’t automatically flip?

correct, the unit does not flip to the hidden side when i drop from a player window to the main map

tonight, i will add a report-action to a unit and see if it gets the command, and check that i do not have a typo
i have a different global key on the main map that resets a different attribute on mass, and that works fine

all i can think of doing with my first issue is to back up my changes until i get it working again

i so want to get this module working but it has been a struggle !


When you do the report action, be sure that your GKC from the signalling piece doesn’t have ‘Suppress individual reports’ checked. I forget every time!

the drag at map, must be a logic problem on my part… I changed the action and it worked…now I just need to get my logic fixed !

the other problem with the ‘blocks on the same game-side not being visible to the players on the same side’, appears to be related to my alterations to the ‘sides’ in vassal, the new ‘sides’ I added are broken…

it would be very cool for vassal to have a debugging mode with breakpoints stepping through the execution of the logic… hint !