Blood Bowl?

I see that there is a warhammer 40k mod out there I was just wondering if anyone had a blood bowl mod that wasn’t posted. I have the game but I don’t have the time to make the mod especially with the save bug…

This is one of the few instances where bypassing Vassal is a good idea. Go straight to By far the best way to play BB online if you’re not afraid of addiction.


oh yeah i found it lol, I love Blood bowl.

But I also saw a Vassal Blood Bowl Module.

Yeah there is a BB module floating around; But I think Games Workshop have prohibited from hosting the module files, so you may need to use good old Google to find the module if it’s still available.


Here’s a link to a thread about the Blood Bowl module if someone needs it.

Moin Death Dragon, hab ganz vergessen, dass du hier auch angemeldet bist. :slight_smile:

There’s no download link in the thread on, just links to the old Dungeonbowl page on, which had to be removed.

I think the mod was called Blood Bowl variants. Do you know, if you could only play Dungeonbowl or other variants like the 7 player Blood Bowl, too?

(Never mind! I’ve just read the first post again lol. Playable variants are: Dungeonbowl, Deathbowl, BridgeBowl, StreetBowl, BeachBowl, BB7’s)

Yes, there’s no download link to the module in that thread.
If somebody wants the module he has to contact the maker of it.