Board and game piece scale question

My question in its basic form is this…

If i have a game that uses a 4x4 mat to play on on, how does that translate over to pixels?

What are the units for you 4x4 map? Feet? Meters?

How large do you want it to be on the screen?

The mat is in feet, and the current image for the mat i have is 800 x 800 px, so is it just basic math from there. And guess everything can be scaled from that conversion?

Is the mat blank? At 800x800 px, you’re not going to have a lot of detail left from the mat if the mat isn’t blank.

Work out how much you want on onscreen at once, and pick a monitor size you want everything to be visible on.

Then scale everything based on some multiple of that (two times, four times) that allows all text and detail to be absolutely clear.

Your players will have all the essential information onscreen at once, and mouseover zoom will show all the pieces at 1:1 scale instead of the 1:2, 1:4 or whatever scale you chose that allows everything to be onscreen.

:thinking: im just so confused lol. I guess my question is so open ended, so im working on a car game. My mat is 4 ft x 4ft, my cars are matchbox, so they average 1 in x 3 in, how do i work that out to make my scale correct?

I think I already covered that.

The physical size of your components is not really important, except for their size relative to each other, and the minimum resolution to see details that matter.

ok thanks for your help today

Example: If you decide that 1 inch of the physical components should equal 100px when presented as image files, your 1x3 inch cars would be 100px by 300px images, and your 48x48 inch board would be 4800px image height and width.

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Thanks, that helps me a lot. Sorry about all the confusion before folks.