Board, Counters & Deck H E L P.

Hello everyone,

I’ve been reading the tutorial and I think it’s a little too complicated, thinking it shouldn’t need to be that complicated.

So, what I would like to get help with is simple pics of small figures to play with, simple square tiles (square tiles) on which the figures would play & fight, and then a deck of cards.

Of course, I would need a simple “table” to play on, no squares or anything.

Please if anyone can give a QUICK explanation I would appreciate it!

SixPack (Andrew)

PS. I’m planning to make the game ‘Zombies!!!’ to play with my brothers.

I have found that the best way to learn is to open up an existing module in edit mode and see how other people have done things.

To begin with if you create a new model right click on module at the top of the tree and select the help option, this takes you to the reference manual which explains how to do things in detail.

SixPack wrote:

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