Bug report

I was opening a Module for the first time and received a bug screen(?). It also failed to send and told me to post it here. So here it is.

Let me know if you need anything else.

It feels like there’s growing evidence that VASSAL won’t run in anything newer than Java 9. There are a lot of these errors concerning Java 11 at this point.

I can tell you exactly why: Some of the classes in xercesImpl.jar are now part of the JDK, but the old versions in xercesImpl.jar use classes which were removed from the JDK.

You can solve this problem locally by deleting lib/xercesImpl.jar if you’re using a JVM which still has java.applet.AudoClip.

I can’t produce a release yet which solves the problem, for the following reason: If you try to recompile the classes with a fairly recent JDK, you will find that java.applet.AudioClip, which we use for playing sounds, has ceased to exist. I’m trying to find a workaround for this. Once I have, there will be a test release, and once that seems stable, we’ll be requiring a fairly recent JVM.

Look here for test builds for use with Java 9 or later: