Building a score card - suggestions?

I need to develop a score card for my game. After every round, players score a number of points that need to be documented as a running tally. I would optimally like to have a game map representing my graphical score card and embed text fields into it so that players could simply type their values into it; if the system could add all the scores in a column, that would be the best. As the point spread could be significant, creating counters representing numbers and “building” the score through dragging-and-dropping of pieces is, to me, clumsy and kludgey.

Currently, I am simply using the notes to keep track of my scores, but this is probably not the best solution. I experimented with the Spreadsheet trait (which sounded like what I want) but this creates a text grid within an actual piece as opposed to giving my map board spreadsheet-like qualities (which is what I really want). Unfortunately, it does not meet my needs.

I would like to implement a score card for my game and am looking for advice. I know Java, so a programming solution is not unreasonable for me to undertake. Obviously, if there is a simpler solution, I’d love to hear it. Does anyone have experience with building this type of component or know of any existing VASSAL modules that implement this kind of functionality? Any suggestions are appreciated!


I created a Dynamic Property and used Layers to track the scores. I had to create images for each score (e.g. 0, 1, 2, …) and load them into the Layer. The Dynamic Property acts as an idenx to the layer, allowing the scores to increment and decrement as appropriate.

It’s not pretty, but it works. Although creating images for all the possible scores is a huge pain.

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Why not just create a single layer with a plain background and use a Text Label trait with a suitably large font positioned in the centre of the piece to display the score. That’s how I normally do it.


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On Jun 28, 2009, at 10:39 PM, DarkFib3r wrote:

I would think this could be easily automated using ImageMagick.

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That is a great idea. This is much easier than my original solution and it works like a charm.