Button label text - newlines?

Is there a way to insert newlines into module button text, so as to display on two or more lines? I have some largish button icons in my module, so there is a fair amount of wasted vertical space if the button label text is multiple words.

If not, I could of course add some text to the button image instead, but would prefer the behavior described above.

Thanks all!

It looks like you can use html, so help

me out here

gives me
me out here
as button text in a quick test.

Edit: oops, the html stuff works in the forum, too. So let’s try parens instead of greater than and less than symbols (html)help(p)me out here(/p)(/html) will put the text on two lines.

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Thanks, of course that worked!

I knew I’d be rolling my eyes at my own idiocy in a few minutes here.


Tip: You can format code by putting it in backticks: <html>