button to draw 10 cards

Hi, I’m struggling with these options.
So far I used a Deck GKC to draw 10 cards. It works.
I want to use a button above the deck, instead of a Right click option.
I can’t make it work. Should I Make the button send a GKC ?

  • but then if applies to No piece, I get no card, if 10 pieces, I get 20 !
    Should I use a GKC as a button for the map then call it from a hotkey ?
    How do I match propoerties for cards in my deck ? Deck==“MainDraw” ?
    Is there such a property for cards being in a Named deck, or should I give a trait to all these cards ?

Thanks for support :slight_smile:

The basic principle is send a regular GKC using DeckName==“MainDraw” as your match (plus if you need to set any other matches as filters), set the fixed number of things (10) you want. If you’re getting 20 when you ask for 10, then something is double-firing.

If you’re looking for examples –

  • Paths of Glory module has external options to “Draw 8 cards”, “Draw 7 cards”, etc. They’re Map GKC’s issued from the toolbar, but you could also fire them from a “button” piece and have an Action Button on it so you could just click it. The module ALSO has a “draw button” below the deck demonstrating this - that button only draws one card but could just as easily be set to draw 8.
  • For The People module has an option to “fill to your hand size” (in a game where max hand size varies from turn to turn).


Great ! Thank you !
For some reason I thought I needed to act on the Deck GKC while I just need that trait on my cards.
And I never thought of DeckName=… before.
This will work ! Thanks again.