Can dice rolls be hidden then revealed latter?

Can dice rolls be hidden then revealed latter? I ask because this would be a great feature to have in Conflict of Heroes where I may want to play with the variable AP option. It works like this. You roll 3d6 and take the low and high results and toss out the middle result. The sum is the number of action points (AP) your unit receives that round. You don’t tell your opponent you got a 9 you just keep playing until you used up 9 points. Then only after it’s all used up you show your opponent the roll to actually prove you rolled a 9. It’s my hope that vassal has a way of doing this.

No one knows? I tried to find such an option but could not. Will this feature be in 4.0?

Take a look at this thread:

Thanks tar, I will study the example zip file in that thread to see how it is done. Again thanks, I think it’s exactly what I needed.

You know what would be cool for 4.0, an option to allow dice to have some of the features of cards, like when you place a masked card on the map board and flip at a latter time. To be able to do the same for some dice you placed on the map would be really great.

You can already do this: Create each die as a game piece.

The die faces can be created as a Layer, with each level being a different face. Use Randomize on the Layer to assign a command to roll a random face.

Then add a Mask trait to the entire die piece, so you can hide the random layer and reveal it when you want.

I kind of suspected a workaround like that could do it. So thanks for the info. However, my point still stands. How about a more direct and simple way to do this for the dice in 4.0. After all it’s super easy to have cards be masked then flipped. A more direct way of doing it is needed for dice.

A different work-around would be to use cards instead of dice.
If you set up a deck with 6 small cards for each die, you could draw cards
instead of rolling dice.
That would be pretty straight forward.
If you give each card a return to deck trait, it would be easy to reset the
decks as well.