Can 'Send to deck' copy rather than move cards?


I’m working on a card game that works roughly as follows:

[]there are several 'pool’s of cards that a player can use to construct their deck; let’s assume there are four such pools each containing the cards from one of the four suits in a deck of standard playing cards[/]

[]the player should be able to draw from these pools to create their own deck at the start of the game e.g. a player may decide to play with diamonds and clubs so they would draw all cards from the diamonds and club pools into their deck[/]

So far I have this working using four decks representing the pools each with an option to send their contents to the player’s deck but my problem is that I want the player to be able to select the same pool multiple times e.g. the player may decide to play with three copies of the diamonds pool and four copies of clubs. So I really want the ‘send to deck’ option to copy the cards into the destination deck rather than move them.

Is there any way to achieve this?