Can traits in several pieces be linked?

I have 10 pieces with 10 different Text Label traits (each piece with a different name).
Can i somehow link them so if i change the text to bold in “the parent” all change the text to bold?
Prototype doesn’t work because they all have different names.

No, that’s not a feature available in Vassal.

And while it would be theoretically possible to implement a scheme using Dynamic Properties and HTML in Beanshell expressions in the text fields, that will almost certainly have a severe performance hit with that many labels involved.

solved it.

use the text label trait in the prototype, and set Label as $BasicName$

That way if you change the text label in the prototype it will change it in all pieces.

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I think you could also use either a dynamic property or marker to store the text of the Label rather than $BasicName$. The dynamic property could even be declared in the prototype and allow its value to be set or altered during play. A marker would need to be declared and set as a piece trait.