Can two mapboards be layered in a map window?

I have a map with a higher resolution callout box that I’d like to show in a single map window. The callout box has a different hex grid from the base map. Is it possible to display both of these maps, with their respective hex grids, in a single window?

Put each image in a Board. Put the Boards in one Map. Set whatever grid you want on each Board.

Hmmm… when I tried that I could only see one board at a time. I probably didn’t set it up properly.

It needs this Map Window preference ticked:

Ahhh!!! Thanks! I’ll try that.

It looks like the multiple boards can exist in a grid but cannot overlap. I think I’m going to need to regenerate my maps and produce separate map windows for all the currently embedded callout boxes.

Would you describe in more detail what you’re trying to do?

I have a single map image that has a zoomed in window within the image. For example, a map of a state with a higher resolution map of a city. I’d like the tokens that are placed on the zoomed-in inset to report the hex locations wrt the inset rather than the lower resolution base map. My hope was that I could place a higher resolution map board with grid on top of the base map, to cover the city inset on the base map.

If you need one map to be inset into the other, the best way to do that is to prepare one image combining them both, and then to use a multi-zoned grid over that image.

Oh, multi-zoned grid sounds like exactly what I need. No reason to add a map layer for something we can already see.
Now to figure out how to add multi-zone grids!